Monthly Archives: April 2013

Back On Track

Ok, back on track now.

In early January of this year, I moved to State College, PA. I found two jobs; one serving at a Cracker Barrel and the other working as an assistant cook at a daycare. I’m currently living in the attic of a friend of a friends’ house for $300/month. I found a better job as a server in a 5 star restaurant. I plan on moving out of the attic in early May. God was really gracious to me as I stepped out and took the risks to get to where I am today and He still continues to be.

I have a love interest, but she wouldn’t want me to write about her just yet. Now you know though.


Like I Was Saying

My blog, as a whole, has been very erratic. It was consistent at first, like most human ventures (who am I kidding?). Now, though, my blog has the consistency of a tub of water filled with apples. Macbooks, to be exact. This has been the way my life has gone for the most part. I thought about putting “Sadly,” in front of that last sentence, but…no. I’m not sad about my life moving and progressing the way it has.

Isn’t is funny how we treat people like they’re low-lifes when they admit things about themselves like “I’m inconsistent”, as if consistency in human development is normal?¬†What will it take for us to embrace the fact that everyone is broken somewhere? In the Bible, there is mention of us being all parts of a body. I’ve always thought of that concept in terms of us being functional body parts that make up one person. Let’s say a hand is detached from the body it belongs to, but is still functional. It can still do the things a hand can do, although limited, because it’s probably just sitting on a desk or the floor somewhere. I doubt seriously that it will take on any Addams family-esque powers and develop its own walking system, so that’s out. If the body that the hand belongs to shuns it and makes it feel bad for not performing at its full potential, it’s doubly stupid. One, hands work better on arms. Two, the body is obviously missing a hand, so why waste time being unimpressed with what the hand can do on its own?

Show love instead. The hand and the body can help each other. Even if the hand wants to marry another hand. It’s still a hand. It still belongs to the body. Maybe, when a hand is placed in proper conditions and designated habitat, it’ll realize how it was supposed to work all this time. It’s only frame of reference is being bloody and on the ground trying to figure out how it was/what it was/who it was and more all alone.

I had no intention of talking about that. I’ll be back later though. Feels good to write again.